ZEUS Polyfill – Benefits

ZEUS Polyfill represents the fill of choice in 2-Component PUR tyre filling materials, ideal for all general applications

  • POLYFILL eliminates all blowouts, punctures, flats & inconsistant tyre pressure
  • From the smallest fork truck tyre to the largest earthmoving vehicle tyre
  • No more costly operational downtime tyre repairs or replacements
  • Filled tyres can be retreaded and does not affect their speed / capacities
  • Ensures total mobility, with no wheel slippage and stability at high reach
  • Total sidewall and surface tread protection from punctures
  • The tyre filling is fully cured to a solid and pre-set pressure state
  • If the tyre is cut, slashed or penetrated, the tyre filling will not leak or run out
  • Tyre filling also eliminates pressure variations, checks and minimises tyre wear